Monday, February 06, 2006

Recent Papers on HapMap project

  1. HapMap project website
  2. (10/28/2005) McVean G, CCA Spencer, R Chaix (2005) Perspectives on human genetic variation from the HapMap project. PLoS Genetics 1:e54
  3. (10/24/2005) Perlegen Scientists Genotype 4.6 million SNPs in Phase 2 of the HapMap Project Using Array-based TechnologiesPerlegen’s David Cox discusses [an easy-to-read reality check of the HapMap project]
  4. (05/10/2001) Reich et al. (2001) Linkage disequilibrium in the human genome. Nature 411:199-204.[Empirical results on the inter-marker LD patterns w.r.t physical distances]
  5. (09/20/1995) Risch, N and B Devlin (1995) A comparison of linkage disequilibrium measures for fine-scale mapping. Genomics. 29:311-22.

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