Thursday, February 23, 2006

Better, felt psychologically

Instance #1: Recently I put a small humidifier in my office. Andrew commented the other day that this sort of things only make one feel good psychologically.

Instance #2: Due to my teaching schedule, I have more time to visit the gym this semester. After a couple of visits, I feel good even though I don't think the effects should be so immediate.

After these instances, I kept thinking about how naive our minds are. So easy to fall for such "traps" of fake goodness. Then I changed my mind. Simply because that for both instances, I, or my brain, was the one that fell for such mirage of improvement, there is a little bit resistance inside of me to accept that feeling good psychologically is a bad thing. Is there any "feeling good" not psychological? Feeling better is an improvement mentally, right? Most people are judgmental about themselves. They can, somehow, stand outside themselves, and criticize what is wrong with them. You know, on all kinds things, clothes, diet, working styles, etc. Whenever we initiate changes in our lives, we tend to feel better before any "real" physical effects kick in. But, isn't happiness the most precious thing in modern life? Maybe, we should say that these changes first take effects on one's mental health, if those are not their only effects.

So in some way, for both my instances, I (an entity in both physical and mental sense) did get better.

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