Friday, November 04, 2005

How magical!

I just started to appreciate how magical our everyday technology is. Just in a matter of no more than two hundred years, we push a button, tons of things can be done. Just in a matter of no more than 70 years, computers can do so so so many things for us. I don't think I have given credits to all the people that have made these magics happen. Sure, I have heard of some big names. But, what about the great minds behind the IBM thinkpad I am using? What about the great minds behind this convenient Blogger I am using? I was listening to ABBA's "thanks for the music" on my IPOD (another bunch of great geeky minds), and really wanted to change the lyrics to "thanks for the 'techos' ".

I used to think Harry Potter's world is cool. But I think our world is cool enough.

BTW: ABBA, what a great band!

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