Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Teen sleep

Every morning I receive my dose of current news through morning news on TV. (Why not read? I can't do that when brushing my teeth, can I?) Anyway, I found the TV coverage of some scientific research quite interesting. The way they interpret and dramatize the results in current research papers can be very entertaining to watch.

Today, the one caught my attention is a discussion on how school schedule is the one to blame for sleep deprivation in teens, from a recent paper. It is argued that because human bodies undergo changes during teenage years, including biological clocks, it is then hard for most teens to go to bed early. As a result, the early school schedules inevitably deprive the students of their much needed sleep.

The one I watched even had an in-house re-enactment (they vidoetaped the waking-up of a teenage girl). One shocking statement ends the whole coverage, that states like "a 25-minuet difference in the sleep can make the difference between an A and C", which I fail to find in the original article.

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