Friday, June 03, 2005

Murphy's law

This morning I felt like to buy my breakfast at the coffee cart in the lobby of the SSW building. On my way, I thought what if the cart was closed today due to its light business recently. But I decided to go and try my luck any way. I thought the coffee cart just won't suspend their service to our building because of the low traffics in the summer months. Then I found out that the cart WAS indeed closed today. So I had to turn around, walked back 2 blocks and bought my coffee and bagel from a grocery store nearby.

Bitterly, I thought "every time!" Why on earth Murphy's law is always right?

Actually I know the answer this time. It is not an coincidence that I decided to buy coffee from the coffee cart on the day that it was closed. Yesterday day, when I went out to buy lunch I saw the cart manager (a very nice Indian man) was cleaning up the cart with several bags behind him on the lounge couch. I could tell from the shape of them that, in those bags, were unsold bagels, muffins, fruit juice, etc. I was telling myself that the business might have turned out to be much lighter than they expected. Then I thought to myself, maybe I should give them a little support since a coffee cart in the lobby would prove to be very convenient. Consciously or unconsciously I decided to buy coffee from them this morning.

My understanding of Murphy's law is that you fear something is going to happen and that something indeed happens. Mostly of the time, there is a common cause for the fear and the object of the fear. Of course, we also tend to remember better when bad things happen.

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