Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Divided opinion?

Anderson Copper 360 is a show on CNN that gives in-depth coverage of current events. In one of its recent airing, Anderson Copper discussed a question occurred during the recent Republican presidential debate: "do you believe in evolution?" One of the candidates added after the poll that he believed in evolution and also believed in God when watching things such as the sunset at Grand Canyon. Part of the results from a survey was then shown on the screen:
    • 48% believed in God
    • 13% believed in Evolution (God is not involved)

It was then concluded that we are living in a divided country.

I was confused ("confused" is the mostly used words during my office hours) by how the options are organized. Should there be

    1. believed in God (no evolution)
    2. believed in God (evolution exists as part of God's plan)
    3. believed in Evolution (God is involved)
    4. believed in Evolution (There is God but God is not involved)
    5. believed in Evolution (There is no God)

It may turns out not to be very divided at all with most of the percentage splitted among the middle options and only small percentages in the two extreme views.

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