Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Too tired to proof-read your draft?

How about proof-hear it then?

In a referee report we received days ago, the referee kindly pointed out an overlooked typo in our draft. We mis-spelt "child" as "chilled". After many times of proofreading, this silly mistake just skipped the big blind spot of our eyes (the three of us). We were more anxious about the logic, the flow, the math of the draft.

I was telling a friend of mine this instance since I think it is pretty funny. And then I remember I had a nice experience using Adobe Acrobat Reader to "read" a thesis draft to me. I remember, hearing the draft read aloud allowed me to catch more typos. So I should do that more often.

To have your Adobe Acrobat Reader "read aloud" your paper:
view>read aloud>read ... [a page or the whole thing]
To stop or pause
view>read aloud>pause (stop)

You can change the voice and speed in "control panel>speech".

Sure, you would still have to proof-read really HARD your math equations.

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