Sunday, March 26, 2006

Blog as an alternative to group website

On March 23rd, in Tom's office, we discussed about building a website for our "connection" research group (or how many X's do you know group). For something like this, in order for it to work, some one must take up some tedious work. I suggested a blog. Andrew said he was happy with blog except for only one concern--he could not directly attach a file to his blog post. I was not sure about blogs, so I didn't insist on the idea. I used the "upload file" function of editor and put document1.pdf in the same folder as the blog. However, it did not automatically generate a link to that file. The link needs to be added manually. It is a WORKABLE setup but not the most convenient we may wish to have.

Regarding the security, we can always implement .htaccess level of limited access. Try click on my teaching site for w1111. It is pretty easy to set up but I haven't mastered how to let users change their password occassionally. I suppose it is not our biggest concern now.

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