Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Statistical Genetics

In building our group website, I designed the logo below.

  1. It uses the double helix structure of the DNA as the theme
  2. The words "statistics" and "genetics" are parts of the two strands of the DNA, while the bonds between are binary codes that represent digital data. It is designed to indicate that our research is trying to build the bonds between these two fields through new computational tools for analyzing data.
  3. To add more taste of statistics, in the center, a segment of the DNA strand is replaced by Greek letters (common parameters and notations in statistics) and also the upper (kinda) strand is shaped close to a normal curve.
  4. The binary digits in the middle represents data, it originates from "genetics" and lift up "statistics". Later, hopefully, some programmer can make an animated version of this logo where the binary codes will move like in the movie matrix.

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