Sunday, May 15, 2005

The "Reading Papers" blog

About a week ago, I started another blog (this is kind of like an addiction already) to log my reading of papers (not just thorough reading). Already, after logged 6-7 papers there, I find this new "organization" tool very helpful. I also keep an access-limited reading log of my own where I can speak "freely" about some of the papers I logged in the "reading papers" blog. Since I can also keep a link to the papers in the blog, it makes so much easier to re-read the papers and share the papers with another colleague. Highly recommended.

Anyway, Andrew dropped by the other day and I told him about my new toy blog. He said I should have just used this one. Well, his blog is more about research or related. But mine is more about my own "data". (That is why there are so few posts. Ha!)

1 comment:

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