Thursday, January 20, 2005

Board-writing versus PowerPoint

I use PowerPoint for my W1111 lectures. What's wrong with board-writing? Do I hate chalks? I sure don't! My clothes don't like chalks, especially the black ones, but I am okay with chalks. Actually, I really feel writing on the board slow down the lecture and will actually make the lecture clearer to the students. However, on the same time, I hate to turn my back to my class and I hate to watch my students copying down my board-writing. I think notes-taking is a very positive way of learning during lectures. But notes-copying is not. I am trying to balance between the board-writing and PowerPoint by putting definitions and graphs on PowerPoint, while things I would like my students to actually write down on the board. I think it works okay except my lecture preparation becomes longer.


Juanjo said...

I totally agree with you. It's necessary to find a balance between blackboard and PowerPoint. Some people at my university think that PowerPoint is the perfect tool but I'm not so sure...

When I really need a tool to make things clear I put aside my computer -and PowerPoint- and take a piece of chalk.

Enriyal Broe said...
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